April 24, 2018

Free Workshops at Ribbit Nursery, Saturday, June 25


On Saturday, June 25, Ribbit Tree and Plant is holding another of its free workshops: “Taming Your Anger,” hosted by Topangan Steve Wolf, Ph.D., and “The Art of Bonsai” with another Topangan, Elliot Martin.

Dr. Wolf has been a California licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in West Los Angeles since 1986 and is Director of the Wolf Training Institute for Emotional Education. He consults with an East L.A. drug rehabilitation program where he has taught “Taming Your Anger” for the past five years. He has volunteered with the L.A. Sheriff’s Department to co-create “Project Turnaround,” an acupuncture detox program on L.A.’s skid row; developed “The Village Circle Project” of leaderless groups for self-exploration; and has authored the “Taming Your Anger” series of English and Spanish workbooks, CDs, DVD and training seminars in anger management.

“Taming Your Anger is a 90-minute seminar from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

From 1 to 2:30 p.m., relax and have fun with instructor Elliot Martin who will demonstrate “The Art of Bonsai.” Learn how to take care of Bonsai trees, what tools you’ll need, the varieties of plants used for Bonsai in this hands-on workshop where you will work with a plant under Martin’s guidance.

Contact Elliot directly at (818) 967-9425 or visit bonsaipacific.com to sign up; or contact Ribbit Tree and Plant at (310) 455-0800.