September 20, 2021

Joe Meehan and a Dollar’s Worth of Joy



Joe Meehan and a Dollar’s Worth of Joy

Joe Meehan outside of the Water Lily Café in Topanga.

Feeding a starving family in India, a 13-ounce bottle of Suave shampoo, three delicious Diddy Riese cookies, Mao’s simple salad, a new razor each month and stocks are all things a dollar can buy.

So why is Topanga Canyon resident, Joe Meehan, “giving it away?”

For more than a decade, hidden in the hills of Topanga in a Nantucket-like cottage, Joe has been writing stories that capture the essence of life’s ups and downs, with optimistic undertones at the core of all his works. When he is not traveling for work or pleasure, you might find him striking up conversations with strangers at Water Lilly Café, his two rescue dogs by his side.

On an unlikely trip to Vegas, Joe decided to take an unlikely bet. Typically not a gambler, he placed $100 dollars on a 10-to-1 chance that the Giants would win the World Series. Although Joe would not learn the results until four months later, he made a plea with the universe, that if he won a thousand dollars he would give away a hundred one dollar bills, which is exactly what he did.

While he planned on giving only a hundred dollars away, after seeing for himself the mutual benefit a simple dollar could bring, he has never looked back.

He created a stamp with big red capital letters containing a message as bold as the font: “GIVE AWAY A DOLLAR! If you need it, spend it; if you don’t, give it away!”

Joe now stamps every dollar bill he comes across, giving them to the homeless, street musicians or to people who might not need the money, so they, too, can feel the joy of giving.

Just because the Holiday Season is over, does not mean the giving has to stop!

Give a smile, a hug, or even a dollar. It just might make the difference in someone’s day.

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