June 4, 2020

Business Profile: Barbara Allen, Enrolled Agent


Barbara Allen, native Angelina, moved to Topanga in 1974. Topanga has changed since Barbara first arrived. In those days if there were three cars on Old Topanga Canyon Road in a week it felt like a traffic jam. Since the West Valley developed, crossing the street under an hour feels lucky. Even so, Barbara wouldn’t care to live anywhere else. In fact when asked where she is going for vacation, she always responds, I live in the greatest vacation area bar none. Why would I go elsewhere?

Barbara established a tax practice beginning with financial planning in 1983 when she received her securities license. Seeing that much of her work involved tax matters, she took the coursework in tax preparation with H&R Block and went to work there. She passed the Enrolled Agent’s examination on tax law in 1986, the year of the major change to the tax code, allowing her to prepare tax returns and represent taxpayers at audit. In addition, in 1988, she received the State of California insurance license for Life, Health & Disability.

A part of preparing tax returns is to keep current with ever-changing tax laws. Another part is making sure that clients can substantiate all income, expenses and deductions they claim on tax returns. That way, in the event of an audit, there will be no change. Another part is training IRS audit agents regarding tax law—she is plotting a way to charge the IRS for training their employees.

In addition to filing returns for her clients, Barbara provides financial and retirement consulting for small businesses and individuals. She remains a committed member of the National and California Associations of Enrolled Agents, attends their meetings regularly and fulfils their continuing educational requirements.

In Topanga she is active with Topanga Arson Watch, a board member of Friends of Arson Watch, a board member of the Topanga Historical Society and a member of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.

For more information: 310-455-2375 | email: riklin@verizon.net | website: www.barbaraalleneataxservices.com.