September 20, 2021

Roadside Committee Correction


Dear Editor:

Thank you for your article of September 6th (See “Roadside Committee Creates Mapping Plan,” Topanga Messenger, Vol 36 No 18, Sept. 6, 2012), but I need to request a correction.

Although I would certainly support a demonstration garden of native plants along Topanga Canyon Boulevard, I did not make the proposal at the ad-hoc committee for one to be created. What I did propose – twice – and was missed in your article, was that a Quality of Life sub-committee be established that would study and make recommendations concerning the Quality of Life issues that the herbicide spraying along the boulevard has brought to the fore.

Topanga Canyon Boulevard (TCB) is our main street used by our community and visitors in many ways, apart from driving: walking, running, biking, horseback riding, event parking, etc. Now that we have CalTrans and our political representatives around the table I feel we should take the opportunity to explore together the many ways we can make TCB more community friendly, instead of simply a major highway whose sole purpose is to move as many vehicles as possible, as fast as possible between the Valley and PCH.

In SoCal the automobile’s preeminence has destroyed the scenic and cultural integrity of community after community. While there has been a gradual eroding of TCB as Topanga’s main street, it is not too late. We have the opportunity to help CalTrans, the stewards of our state road, to once again make people part of policy and fulfill their stated goal to: “Preserve and Enhance California's Resources and Assets.” In Topanga’s case, they can enhance the resource that is Topanga by working with the community to allow TCB to be what it has been for years, a scenic road through one of Southern California’s few remaining special communities and wild environments. As promised, I look forward for a Quality of Life sub-committee to be established at the October meeting.

Thank you,

Joseph Rosendo, President, Topanga Chamber of Commerce