July 10, 2020

Rocky Ledge Land Acquisition, Phase II


Rocky Ledge Land Acquisition, Phase II

The Rocky Ledge Land Preservation team, a group of local residents, is seeking private and public funds to purchase another six-acre parcel of adjacent land to create a wildlife corridor and prevent development.

Last year, more than 20 acres on Rocky Ledge, slated for development and construction of five homes, above Fernwood Pacific and Tuna Canyon, were purchased with public and private funds and is now preserved as 120 acres of open space. [See, “Rocky Ledge Preservation Team Celebrates 20-Acres as 'Open Space'” Messenger Vol. 35, No. 03, Feb. 10, 2011].

The Rocky Ledge Land Preservation team now has its eye on a six-acre parcel, adjacent to this open space that is also for sale to be developed, and is seeking private and public funds to preserve it as it is: a magnificent feature of the mountainside, that is enjoyed by so many who live here and visit Topanga.

The parcel, located at 1809 Tuna Canyon, is of extraordinary beauty and includes a seasonal stream, magnificent rock formations, an oak woodland and pristine chaparral. It also serves as a wildlife corridor.

“We are heartened that the seller of the land supports our vision to preserve it as open space,” says Jeanne Dancs Arthur, “so that it may become part of 126 continuous acres of undisturbed land bordered on the north and south by seasonal creeks.”

People inspired to contribute to the purchase of this land as open space, can learn more about the effort by visiting www.rockyledgelandpreservation.org and pledge to make a donation, or contact Arthur at: jeannedancsarthur@gmail.com for other ways to get involved with the effort.