January 20, 2021

FILM: First-Person Review: B.C. Butcher


Must-see feature film directed by Topanga teen Kansas Bowling may already be on its way to cult horror film fame.


FILM: First-Person Review: <i>B.C. Butcher</i>

Director Kansas Bowling, 19, at the camera for her feature film, B.C.Butcher.

Nineteen-year-old Kansas Bowling screened her first feature film, B.C. Butcher, at the Egyptian Theatre on Thursday, March 3, to a sold-out house.

The film’s world debut was featured alongside Lollilove, co-written with Peter Alton, and Jenna Fischer, star of the smash television series, “The Office,” who also directed, and director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn.

The film that Bowling made when she was 15 was recently picked up by Troma, a horror movie distribution company that claims “40 Years of Disrupting Media,” and on March 3, B.C. Butcher premiered at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

It was a star-studded evening and a proud moment for this Cave Cast.


FILM: First-Person Review: <i>B.C. Butcher</i>

The cast of B.C. Butcher at the Long Beach premiere. From left, Devyn Glenn, Natasha Halevi, director Kansas Bowling, Rodney Bingenheimer,Parker Love Bowling, Miranda Robin and Molly Sugano Ring.

The night started with a photo shoot on the red carpet and autographs signed by cavewomen. Once inside, we enjoyed a music video, Post Teenage Angst, by the band, Kill My Coquette, also directed by Bowling and shot in the Topanga Community house. A short Q&A with Troma Entertainment co-creator Lloyd Kaufman and the B.C. Butcher cast followed the screening.


FILM: First-Person Review: <i>B.C. Butcher</i>

From left, Leilani Fideler, Kansas Bowling and Natasha Halevi on the set of B.C. Butcher.

Kansas Bowling grew up exploring the gems of the canyon and years later wrote a script of a prehistoric slasher film featuring dysfunctional, dynamic and humorous cave dwellers, using Topanga’s scenery to full effect.

"When Roger Corman finished making one of his Vincent Price films,” Bowling says, “He still had the haunted castle set rented for two days so he decided to film another movie in that short time. That film was The Terror, which became a cult hit! I've always looked up to Corman and his cheap, B-movie mentality of 'use what you have.' I had my dad's Topanga backyard!

“The first thing I thought to do was make a caveman film! Thus, B.C. Butcher was inspired and made possible by Topanga Canyon!”

The cast included family members, among them sister, Parker Love Bowling; step-mom Miranda Robin in the roles of Poster girl and Po; Dina as cave woman; and dad, William Preston Bowling as caveman #1 and sound guy.

“The feature was shot on 16mm film with a setting that urged us to play,” said Parker Bowling. “The nature invited creativity and all the undeveloped land in Topanga was the perfect backdrop for a prehistoric film!”

William [Bowling] would like to thank “Jen, Del, Drake and Draven DePierro for all their help and Brian Gibson from Jalan Jalan who made it a true Topanga collaboration by showing what it means to live here and for sharing their property with other community members for the sake of art. This film is already a cult classic. Thank you Ms. Bowling.”

As a family and part of this awesome cast, we are very proud of this film. The cast and crew are a real team and had a blast stepping into this world of leopard, mud and cave-style glamour.

Upcoming events for the film, trailers and articles can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/thebcbutcher/; watch.troma.com on their streaming service to support the directors and talent of our future. The cast of B.C. Butcher added their presence to the Days of the Dead Horror Movie Convention in Burbank, April 1-3.

It was bloody fantastic!