January 20, 2022

Armchair Travelers’ Delight with Linda Ballou and James Dorsey, Nov. 7


Armchair Travelers’ Delight with Linda Ballou and James Dorsey, Nov. 7

Wayfaring authors Linda Ballou and James Dorsey will share their tales of travels to far-off lands on Saturday, November 7 at 2 p.m. at Bank of Books Malibu.

Dorsey will read and discuss “Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails,” and Ballou will read and discuss her memoir “Lost Angel Walkabout.”

The two friends share an appreciation for unusual and transformative travel experiences.  Whether stepping carefully to avoid land mines and spitting cobras in a steamy Cambodian jungle, caravanning by camel through the Sahara with Tuareg nomads, or being saved from an enraged baboon by a bow-and-arrow wielding Bushman, James Dorsey has seldom encountered another tourist in his travels. In “Vanishing Tales from Ancient Trails,” the explorer and photographer shares stories of his encounters with centuries-old cultures seemingly untouched by modern life, and transports his readers to off-the-beaten-path destinations they would not – or cannot -  visit on their own.

Dorsey’s friend and fellow travel writer Linda Ballou, an Alaska native transplanted to hectic Los Angeles, seeks the beauty and wonder of nature in her travels. In her book, this self-styled Lost Angel shares the haps, mishaps, and serendipitous adventures of her journeys through some of the world’s most beautiful lands. Along the way, the author fills her reader in on the natural and cultural history of the places she has visited, and sounds an “eco-alert” to provide environmental awareness of behind–the-scenes problems which threaten to despoil their natural beauty.  Both Ballou and Dorsey will sign copies of their books after the reading. n


Bank of Books Malibu will host its monthly Poetry Afternoon on Saturday, November 7, at 4 p.m. The featured poet reading at the event will be Terri Niccum, author of “Looking Snow in the Eye,” (Finishing Line Press) with an open-mic following. A semi-finalist for the 2014 Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, Niccum is a former journalist and special education teacher who continues to advocate for children with special needs.

Bank of Books Malibu is located in the Point Dume Village, at the intersection of Heathercliff Road and Pacific Coast Highway. For further information about this event, call the store at (310) 457-5699.