June 21, 2018

Business Profile: Design Like It Matters—Marketing and Web Design


Design Like it Matters (DLIM), a boutique marketing and web design firm, aims to improve the community it serves through socially responsible design and successful marketing techniques.

Owner Bonnie Morgan, a longtime Topanga resident and avid technophile, has developed a hands-on and personal “whole business strategic analysis” for small businesses.

Her first work with a client is to uncover what they dream to be and reveal what they believe they are now. Business coaching is not unusual in Bonnie’s client relationships and often evolves into revealing new horizons. Frequently, new clients might feel they need something like a Twitter account when what they really need is a business plan to sharpen their message and polish their website. Or, perhaps, they need to get in front of people more often and demonstrate their knowledge through public speaking and networking.

Powerful tools are available to the small business marketing arsenal—social media, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, etc. Every successful small business needs a website and, at times, a Facebook page, e-mail marketing, an Instagram or Pinterest account.

DLIM will inventory what you have, review your market, your clients, analyze your competition and work up a plan of action that will have you focused on what is best for your business. If you feel that you already have a handle on all that, DLIM will come up with a way to do it better.

As a Topangan, Bonnie works with several Topanga organizations, managing their social media, re-building their websites and streamlining their membership processes. She is also on the Board of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.

For more information: bonnie@designlikeitmatters; (310) 425-3624; www.designlikeitmatters.com.