June 21, 2018

Business Profile: Canyon Car Service


Jenise Blanc was born and lived in New York City most of her life. After many trips between the two coasts, she has called Topanga her home since 1993.

What keeps Jenise busy now is her main business, Canyon Car Service, which she owns with her husband, Randy Chance. It is a boutique limo service that has a Transportation Charter Party (TCP) number and is commercially licensed.

When you call Canyon Car Service, you get a private driver who will give you a ride to and from any airport.

Business Profile: Canyon Car Service

In addition, Canyon Car Service will take you and your friends for a "Nite on the Town” or “Girls Night Out." We can take you and your clients to restaurants, pick up your children after school, take you to medical appointments or take you to pick up your car when it’s been in the shop. We’ve also done party shuttles, rehab interventions and limo work for film production companies. Our shuttling can also be used for personal parties transporting guests from designated places to your party.

Our fleet of cars includes an SUV Nissan Pathfinder for larger parties, a Nissan Altima (hybrid) and a Ford C-Max (also hybrid).

Get off the plane, call us, we are there waiting for your call! You’ll feel like a family member has arrived to greet you!

Canyon Car Service was awarded "Best Home-Based Business in Topanga in 2004," by the Topanga Chamber of Commerce and honored with certificates of appreciation and plaques from the State Senate, State Assembly and Lost Hills Sheriffs Department.

For more information: jenise@canyoncarservice.com;(310) 455-1924 or (800) 545 9866; http://canyoncarservice.com/

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