April 24, 2018

‘Visions Three’ at TCG, August 20-



‘Visions Three’ at TCG,  August 20-

“Autumn Passages” by Linda Bolhuis (dye on silk 44"x45") who will join artists Carole Spence and Sharon Tanner in “Visions Three” opening at Topanga Canyon Gallery, August 20 through September 14.

“Visions Three,” the annual exhibit by the associate members of Topanga Canyon Gallery opens Aug. 20 and runs through Sept.14. The reception will be held Sat., August 23 from 4-7 p.m.

Topanga Canyon Gallery, known for highly individual and accomplished work from its members, is pleased to display pieces by: Linda Bolhuis, dyes on silk: Carole Spence, acrylic painting and dyes on silk: and Sharon Tanner, mixed media.

Topanga artist Linda Bolhuis is widely recognized for her exquisitely designed and impeccably executed work in which she uses the Serti technique of painting with dyes on silk. Her highly interpretative work is sought by collectors for its emotional impact.

Represented by the Shidoni Gallery in Santa Fe, she has exhibited from the Pacific Rim to the Eastern United States and is represented in both public and private collections.

Her “"Homage to Georgia O’Keefe"” was selected as the signature piece for publicity and promotion at the Silk Painters International Conference last month, also in Santa Fe.

Classes at her studio for those wanting to learn this silk painting technique are always in demand. www.lindabolhuis.com www.silkpainters.org (click “Signature members”).

Carole Spence, who lives in Pacific Palisades, appreciates the joy and wonder a California garden can bring, whether a formal arrangement or a small assortment of plants in unexpected places. She is not only interested in the quality of light affecting plants and the evolution of color as the day progresses, but also finds that scale is important and that the plants represented receive the significance she feels they deserve.

She is also showing silk jackets made from her painted fabric, that were juried into the Silk Painters International Conference Fashion Show in Santa Fe.

Spence will also have “Carry’alls,” a line of designer tote bags with appliquéd prints of her garden paintings (carolespence.com).

Sharon Tanner lives in West Los Angeles and has been incorporating collage and other media into her latest mixed media paintings.

As an intuitive painter, she responds to what has already been placed on the paper; the bird images come from that intuitive place. Although birds can be symbolic, these began as her Muses, places to initiate painting, which is about color, line and design.

Most viewers see birds as symbols of freedom that soar effortlessly into the sky while viewers remain earthbound without substitute wings.

From time immemorial mankind has considered birds to be signs of eternal life, and folklore suggests that birds were omens of renewed life or symbols of proposals for the future to be interpreted by the viewer. She invites everyone to come fly with her.

Topanga Canyon Gallery, 120 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 109, Topanga, CA 90290. Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday, 11a.m.-5p.m. Parking is available. For more information: www.topangacanyongallery.com or contact Carole Spence at (310) 459 1206.