April 25, 2018

Continuum in the Canyon Starts August 6


“Movement is what we are, not something we do.”

~ Emilie Conrad (1934 - 2014)


Continuum in the Canyon Starts August 6

Malcolm Groome demonstrating the fluid movement of Continuum.

Starting August 6, there will be a Continuum Movement class on Wednesday evenings at Yoga Desa in Pine Tree Circle, taught by Malcolm Groome, a certified Continuum teacher.

Groome has been teaching this gentle movement practice throughout the United States and Europe since 2006, and teaches at the Continuum Studio in Santa Monica. He has long wanted to introduce this international and transformative work to his home turf of Topanga, where he has lived for 17 years.

What is Continuum Movement? The practice began in the 1960s with its founder, Emilie Conrad, a respected pioneer in the Somatic field. Somatics is any body-oriented path for transformation and growth. A Continuum practice uses breath, the resonance of one’s own sounding and subtle movement to enter into the fluid system of the body.

The breath permeates throughout the body and becomes more global, full-body breathing. The sound penetrates into density and starts to dissolve it, preparing the tissues to become more malleable. At this point, micro-movements and undulating wave motions begin to emanate from the body’s own bio-intelligence. As rigidity and compressions melt away, the body starts to become one coherent Whole, instead of isolated parts.

In Continuum, the practitioner is encouraged to shift from cognitive thinking into a sensory experiential way of being. As we witness with compassion whatever is present in our bodies, we begin the process of self-healing, restoration and well-being. We enter an oceanic consciousness that resonates with our environment multi-dimensionally, accessing not only our primordial ancestry embedded in our cells and DNA, but also a network of energy as we interact with the Cosmos.

Continuum is deeply restorative to the health of the body, nurturing the body into a resonance of Oneness, where time is suspended and space expanded. We learn to be fluid with form and attentive to the formless. Continuum serves to bring spirituality into embodiment.

Classes start with an opening meditation to slow down and turn the focus inward followed by a sequence of sounds and subtle movements that will penetrate into your tissues, release any holding and take you into a fluid stream. You will be in your own space on the floor for your “dive,” as you explore what it means to be an embodied Being. In addition to being a certified teacher of Continuum Movement, Groome is a shamanic practitioner. He has worked with shamans in the Native American, Celtic and South American traditions and has made numerous pilgrimages to the Amazon He studied intensively with Emilie Conrad until her passing earlier this year. His time with her as a caretaker through her end-of-life process gave him renewed inspiration to carry on her life’s work.

Originally from North Carolina, Groome has traveled the world to visit power spots and sacred sites, studying Raja Yoga in India and Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. He is also trained in various modalities of bodywork, is a third-degree Reiki master, and was on the healing staff of the School of Actualism.

In class, you will be welcomed into a safe haven where space will be held for deep healing, self-nurturing, inner peace and connection to Source. Since the Continuum “dive” is on the floor, bring a mat, padding, sheet or blanket to make yourself comfortable.

“Continuum in the Canyon” starts August 6, with drop-in classes every Wednesday from 7:45 to 10 p.m. Bring a pad and blanket for floor work.

Yoga Desa is located in Pine Tree Circle, 120 North Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Topanga 90290. Cost is $20 per class.

For more information on Continuum Movement: continuummovement.com. For more information on Malcolm Groome: malcolmgroome.com.