June 20, 2018

Thank You, Gabrielle, and All Good Wishes


Dear Gabrielle,

I know you by only some of all the things you have accomplished. I am not sure you know me—perhaps my name, since I signed up for several classes and attended many wonderful events because of your leadership at the Topanga Community Club.

I don’t know first-hand the inner workings of the Sages because I was committed to less involvement when I moved to Topanga. I had put behind me many years of volunteerism, chairing committees, going to meetings, 70-hour weeks of event planning, etc.

This was to be another chapter: children grown up, now living alone, full-time mom and working years and careers all in past tense; a chance to explore my artist and writer self, living amidst glorious nature, in an atmosphere of healing, spirituality and salt-of-the-earth-type values. That was my Topanga expectation and there were not too many surprises.

There’s always more to learn about 90290 at a Sages gathering.

I wish the Sages, as it exists today, was in full swing in 1997 because it’s amazing to me just how much you have taken on; your follow-up and organizational skills must be excellent.

As a copy editor at the Messenger, I read about all the important and crucial ways the Sages are contributing to our enriched Topanga lifestyle. The huge surge and variety of opportunities for learning and involvement in the last five years just keeps getting better. The ability to recruit talented leaders and worker bees as well, I presume are to your credit, along with the stalwart volunteers who also make it happen.

The Sages’ respect and support for all that seniors can offer to each other and the community at large, while exploring new skills, foods and laughter with each other, has been extremely positive.

I hope you will get a good long rest and a happy retirement to focus on your heart’s desire! I look forward to reading in the Messenger what your plans are going forward pre- and post-Topanga.

—Pamela Leeds