May 26, 2018

New Business: Happy Landings at Bird’s Nest Salon



New Business: Happy Landings at Bird’s Nest Salon

Lauryn Carolla seen inside her Birdís Nest Salon in the heart of Topanga.

There is a time, a moment, when a fledgling bird, who can hardly stand, let alone fly, comes beautifully into its own. Suddenly it assumes a grace, a balance, a knowing of what it is supposed to be and its place in the world.

That seems to be the evolution of Lauren Carolla’s decision to open her own salon, The Birds Nest.

“The idea to open a salon in the Canyon came to me while taking a walk in Topanga,” she says. “It developed so organically. Everything moved quickly, as if the universe was supporting me.”

Not that she ever lacked style, poise and the ability to soar, but in opening the salon, Carolla has obviously glided smoothly into her natural, rarified and perfect element.

As a Topanga resident for 15 years, currently living in the Fernwood area, Carolla and her family have been a contributing and active part of our community. Married to architect Christof Jantzen, they have three sons, Casper, Finn and Julian. All the boys have attended Topanga Elementary School, which means that, over the years, the couple has been involved with a heck of a lot of silent auctions.

Coming from a background working as a respected stylist on commercials, photo shoots and in TV, Corolla brings years of experience to our community.

“I began getting into styling in high school,” she explains. “I worked in the Los Angeles area at Carlton Salons, Joseph Martin, Vito and even had the pleasure of opening an eclectic place in the ‘80s called Connie’s Cuts and Dos that catered to the Rockabilly crowd.”


New Business: Happy Landings at Bird’s Nest Salon

The exterior of the Bird's Nest Salon in the heart of Topanga.

As her reputation grew, she began working in the entertainment industry. “I did events, television series and award shows, which were fun. The only problem came when I had three kids and had to work nights. It just got to be too much.”

The salon, located just across from the Library, on the site of several past Topanga enterprises (Does anyone remember the Crystal Store?), appears charming, clean, cute and inviting. The new design, to which Christof lent his architectural expertise, is both homey and professional. Inside it is light and airy, complimented by touches of modern art and even a whimsical bird lamp that once belonged to Carolla’s grandmother. It’s a nest we all can share.

On a Tuesday morning people just seem to be drawn to the salon. Customers from Topanga, Malibu, Calabasas and even farther away kept dropping by as if attracted by some irresistible Siren’s song carried through the air. Some have appointments, some are just stopping by to see if Carolla can somehow fit them in. Some are intrigued and want to know what Birds Nest is all about.

Carolla juggles her schedule, fields calls from her children, accommodates all the clients she can and books future slots for others. Her smile is as bright as the red clogs on her feet. She couldn’t be more gracious. It almost seems that in addition to having their hair care needs addressed, people simply enjoy being in the company of the delightfully chatty stylist.

Amid the influx of friendly customers she tells them about the products neatly lined up on glass shelves. “I use a product called Aveda. In my many years of research I thought this would be the best match for Topanga. It’s an excellent product that is 99 percent botanical, environmentally friendly and free from any animal testing. I want the best for our community. That was important to me.”

Claiming that business is booming with her new enterprise, Carolla declares, “Almost half my clients are men.” Male or female, young or old, all are welcome to the Nest.

Having a salon offering products with such integrity, at reasonable prices, right in our own community is most welcome.

Having a talented professional, who is also personable, using her skills to keep us looking our best is a gift.

A gift, it would seem, that goes both ways: ”I’ve always loved Topanga and now I love Topanga even more,” she says.

Bird’s Nest Salon offers, cuts, color (pinks and purples, too) and styling. It is located at 155 N. Topanga Blvd. Topanga 90290. For information and appointments: (310) 455-2266. Tues.-Sat. appointments recommended.