June 19, 2018

Business Profile: Randy Chance Music Services


Randy Chance, musician, came to the Los Angeles area in 1973. He has since toured with rock bands, (including the “Lovin’Spoonful” and “The Boxtops”), written a number of things, including a rock opera, many songs, poems and two novels.

Business Profile: Randy Chance Music Services

After a stint writing articles for Guitar Player magazine and another stint as Executive Producer at Premier Radio network, he formed Randy Chance Music Services and never looked back. He knew several fellow filmmakers who needed help with the new computer technology, so he jumped into film post-production, synching computer equipment with music and film equipment, as well as composing musical cues, recording guitar tracks for films (including the guitar tracks for the film Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles), and engineering film scores.

He knew several more fellow musicians who needed help with their computer music studios, so he began installing computer music systems in recording studios and teaching computer music programs, as well as composing, recording and mixing computer music.

Gathering music students as he went along, Randy widened his horizons, working in other studios as an assistant to various producers, then put together his own studio and began composing film scores (including musical scores for films like Treachery,” The Night Visitor, The Girl and Altered Perceptions).

Today, Randy Chance Music Services is ready to be of service in a number of areas, among them, composing entire film scores, contributing individual cues or guitar tracks for films, teaching music composition, guitar and piano, as well as computer music programs, including Pro Tools and Digital Performer.

For more information:(310)455-8984; music@randychance.com; http://randychance.com.