April 23, 2018

Gabrielle Lamirand Resigns Post on Topanga Community Club Board


As of June 30, Gabrielle Lamirand will resign from the Topanga Community Club (TCC) Board of Directors, a step toward her and husband Roy Miles’ retirement this fall. Below, Nonie Shore and others of the TCC Board acknowledge and applaud Gabrielle’s legacy that derives from her inordinate contribution of time and talent to the TCC and the Topanga community at large.



Gabrielle Lamirand Resigns Post on Topanga Community Club Board

Gabrielle Lamirand

While mention of Gabrielle Lamirand's name may evoke a variety of strong emotions, one cannot deny the incredible things she has done for our community simply from the goodness of her heart. A tireless worker, at 70, Gabrielle can often be found early in the morning at the Community House setting up for any one of the many TCC events, whether for the Sages, the kids' club she started to get parents and pre-school children together, or our recent Square Dance. She is always the one behind the scenes making the event feel warm and friendly with decorations and kitchen planning. You know, the lemonade and Arnold Palmers we have all enjoyed so much. Gabrielle juiced more than 250 lemons for Earth Action Day and Topanga Days alone. She has been a mainstay at the Community Club for many years. As a member of the Board of Directors, Gabrielle helped usher in a renaissance of leadership along with TCC President, Mark Nygard and V.P. of Facilities, Gary Jensen. The threesome, along with several other Board members throughout their tenure in office, have donated hundreds, if not thousands of hours of work toward making the Club a hub for Topangans of all ages. Gabrielle's passionate care for the many Sages, kids' activities and numerous other programs she brought to the Community House speak volumes about her civic soul. Her diligent protection of the TCC's bank accounts exemplify how diligent and responsible she has been in helping to update the Topaga Community Club. Gabrielle's legacy started long before the Community Club, with the inception of both T-CEP and the initial TEP program at Topanga Elementary School years ago. Even as a busy entrepreneur and finance guru, Gabrielle always found the time not only to volunteer her time but to initiate programs that made a difference in the lives of many Topangans.

From rescuing a feral cat or driving a sick friend to the hospital to organizing countless fun events at the TCC, Gabrielle's vibrant heart and energy never cease to amaze me. Of course, it is this fiery passion that can sometimes cause discord, but for those of us who know her well, one cannot help but love and respect her greatly.

While she and her wonderful husband, Roy Miles, look forward to their retirement move, she will not be disappearing from TCC's world just yet, as she will be training Franka Diehnelt to take over her position as treasurer.

I, for one, still look forward to her TCC event planning and budgetary input, not to mention her gifted ability to find new volunteers. Her wisdom in all areas will be sorely missed when she does move and I fear that the TCC will lose some of that special touch that not everyone realizes is Gabrielle's.