April 23, 2018

Billion Dollar L.A. River Project Announced


Joint Statement from Friends of the Los Angeles River and the Los Angeles River

Revitalization Corporation on the Mayor’s L.A. River Announcement

After cooperation by advocates for the Los Angeles River and Mayor Garcetti, the Army Corps of Engineers recently announced the adoption of Alternative 20, an investment plan that may bring more than a billion dollars from the city as well as the federal government, to communities along the River and the ecological restoration of an 11-mile stretch of the river.

The plan will restore the river’s habitats, bring open space to an underserved area of the city and create a vibrant public space that residents can use for hiking, cycling and other activities.

Six miles of concrete are slated for removal from the river and restoration of connections in river ecology that haven’t been seen in 75 years.

It’s a step toward turning L. A.’s eyes back upon the mighty river that runs through it. Friends of the Los Angeles River and the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation (LARRC) jointly extend their profound gratitude to Mayor Garcetti for his leadership on this issue, and salute the community members and organizations that worked so tirelessly to make this happen.

“Everyone who came to a clean-up, who signed a petition and helped raise the funds for the Army Corps of Engineers to study this issue is part of this victory today and will be part of a restored Los Angeles River tomorrow,” said Lewis MacAdams, Co-Founder and President of Friends of the Los Angeles River. “All of us will need to get on board for the next part of this journey—navigating this decision through the appropriations process and realizing our vision of a greenway from the mountains to the sea.”

“This is a great victory for Mayor Garcetti and the people of Los Angeles and brings deserved attention to the L.A. River as a significant regional and national resource,” said LARRC Board Chair Brian Moore. “It recognizes the vision and hard work of the Mayor and the many river groups who had the dream that the river could be more than a flood control channel and serve recreational, environmental and economic needs too. This is the greatest thing to happen to the river since it was paved over.”

For more information: LA River Revitalization Corporation; larivercorp.com/.