June 19, 2018

T-CEP Disaster Radio Team Prepares for Annual Field Day, June 28-29


Local radio operators to participate in Annual Field Day.


T-CEP Disaster Radio Team Prepares for Annual Field Day, June 28-29

The T-CEP Mobile Command Post will be put into action during the ARRL Field Day in Topanga on June 28-29.

Despite all the modern communications and technological advances in our nation, many areas can find themselves cut off from the rest of the world. Natural disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes can disrupt our fragile infrastructure and make it next to impossible for conventional methods of communication to prevail. Fortunately, there are volunteer emergency radio operators, commonly referred to as “hams”, who help to provide emergency communications for neighbors, first responders and the government. This June, HAM radio operators from the Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (T-CEP) will demonstrate their emergency communications abilities along with tens of thousands of other amateur operators across the nation.

In just the past year, HAM radio operators have provided crucial emergency communications during many natural disasters, such as California’s Rim Fire and the severe flooding in Colorado. In many instances, Amateur Radio operators are among the first to provide first responders with important information and communications. On the last weekend in June (28-29), the public is invited to see the Topanga Disaster Radio Team in action. They will be set up by the water tower along the Summit-to-Summit Mountianway (just off Lemans Drive) for the entire weekend. All Topangans are encouraged to come by to meet and talk with the hard-working volunteers of the Topanga Disaster Radio Team Volunteers.

For more information regarding Field Day or the Disaster Radio Team, contact T-CEP at (310) 455-3000. DRT@T-CEP.or.