May 27, 2018

Upset by Elliot Rodger Story


Dear Editor,

I am questioning the judgement of the Topanga Messenger's front-page story, “Isla Vista Murderer Reflects on Topanga Childhood in Manifesto.” The article is, mostly, just excerpts from Rodgers’ 141-page end-of-life writing, quoted very, very freely, like a lazy review of a novel. The take-away seems to be “Topanga— loved by everyone, even violently disturbed woman-haters.” Or maybe it's just informing Topangans that this suddenly notorious individual lived in their midst, but that seems a little pointless. Slightly more context would have been good. Doesn’t sit right with me, but others may feel differently.

Anyway, not to be a grouch, I like the paper usually.

—Matt Van Winkle