April 26, 2018

Theater: Catching Up with…Cameron Daddo


The actor shares his latest project and inspiration.


Theater: Catching Up with…Cameron Daddo

Topanga resident and actor Cameron Daddo stars in Holding the Man at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles.

After years of performances and a literal trek across the globe, Timothy Conigrave’s best-selling memoir, “Holding the Man,” finally has made its way to the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles. Performed by the newly formed Australian Theatre Company, the Topanga Messenger was able to speak with Cameron Daddo, who lives in Topanga, about his process.

Topanga Messenger: Much like yourself, Holding the Man started in Australia and made its way to America. How does it feel to be in this particular show at this particular time?.

Cameron Daddo: Holding the Man is an amazing show. Brilliantly written, directed [by Larry Moss] and a joy to act in even though this is an Australian story. Since opening here in the United States, I have heard over and over, about the power and universal appeal … regardless of the country. It’s as relevant a message today as it ever was: a message of love, of vigilance and a reminder to take care and responsibility in this age of STD’s, STI’s and HIV/AIDS.

On that same note, recognition of Australia’s acting community is gaining a stronger foothold in the States. How would you describe that community and your experience within it?

The Aussie acting community is one that reflects Aussie culture: the can-do focus of overcoming obstacles and hardship. It’s not that Aussies consciously want to grab a foothold in the U.S., we just want to be where the opportunities to ply our trade are and where the best of the best are. The U.S. has been so open and gracious in giving us a chance and we, as a community, are most grateful and appreciative; we pay that back by doing the best we can. As far as the Australian Theatre Company goes in hanging a shingle out here in the states, we understand there is a demand for Australian stories here and we want to provide that.

It is an honor and privilege to do so.

Multiple roles in a show sounds fun and impressive. What preparation goes into that type of performance?


Theater: Catching Up with…Cameron Daddo

Cameron Daddo, right, with Nate Jones in at the Matrix Theater in Los Angeles.

Hours of deep investigative and background work, bodywork, voice and dare I say a spiritual acknowledgement. We are telling a story about many who have died. They need a voice.

Holding the Man is a little less than halfway through its run. How would you describe the dynamic and the bond of the group now than when the show first started?

We have a deep trust and an enormous amount of respect for each other. We have seen each other in many aspects of emotions and under pressure and it’s been an amazing few months. None of us are the same people we came to the project with and a lot of that has to do with the mentorship and directorial leadership from Larry Moss.

What’s next?

Next…? The next performance of Holding the Man. I am still learning, refining, distilling every morsel of humanity I can from each of my characters and, yes, I am looking forward to taking this growth into the next gig whether it be on the stage, film or TV. I just want to keep breathing characters to life. That’s what I do.