June 21, 2018

Ten Saturdays, Ten Food Trucks



Ten Saturdays, Ten Food Trucks

A Border Grill food truck at Jalan Jalan during the 2013 Topanga Canyon Gallery Studio Tour. This year there will be a different food truck at the location for ten Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m. starting on June 7 with Cousins Maine Lobster

Beginning on Saturday, June 7, the first day of the Topanga Canyon Gallery Studio Tour, and for nine summer Saturdays thereafter, Brian Gibson, proprietor of Jalan Jalan Imports, will host a food truck from noon to 5 p.m.

Jalan Jalan is also a Tour venue for one of the gallery’s artists, Charles Accardi, who, besides his numerous exhibits and awards, is known for his portraits of Topanga Folks.

Guests of the Tour or anyone visiting Topanga that day can take a break, buy lunch from Cousins Maine Lobster, eat and enjoy the peaceful setting of Owl Falls as they relax before taking off on the next leg of their tour.

Each Saturday, Jalan Jalan will offer special promotions on the many unique items Gibson brings home from his trips to Bali and elsewhere, among them beautiful, clear quartz crystals from the world famous Coleman Mines in Arkansas. He will also provide an open mic where local musicians will play.

Other trucks chosen for the events are The Grilled Cheese Truck, Canvas Foods, Vchos, India Jones Chow, George’s Greek, Arroyo Foods, The Bun Truck, Tokyo Doggie Styles, Senior Crab and Kogi Truck. Truck chefs were asked to include a vegetarian dish on the menu.

For more information: (310) 455-BALI (2254); jalanjalanimports.com.