June 21, 2018

ASPCA Makes $25 Million Commitment to Save Animals in L.A.


LOS ANGELES, CA—The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA® ) announced on May 6, that it will make a $25 million, multi-year commitment to save the lives of animals in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Building on the strong foundation created by Los Angeles’ existing local animal welfare community, the ASPCA will work closely with leading local animal welfare groups to provide residents and rescue groups a variety of critical services that will save lives and help keep families and their pets together.

The ASPCA’s multi-pronged effort includes five key programs:

• A spay/neuter facility operated by the ASPCA for animals owned by South Los Angeles residents, as well as animals sheltered at the South Los Angeles Animal Care Center—Chesterfield Square facility. Procedures performed at the facility, including vaccinations, micro-chip implantations, and flea-control treatment, will be the only fully-subsidized option for South LA-area residents.

• $1 million to subsidize fees incurred by local rescue groups when transferring animals from the Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City shelter system into their facilities or networks.

• A relocation program to move animals from shelters in the Los Angeles metropolitan area to communities where they will have better chances of being adopted.

• Safety net programs designed to keep animals in their homes by addressing the needs of those at the highest risk of relinquishment due to scarce resources and hindered access to critical services.

• More than $250,000 annually in grants to local partners, including funding for intervention programs, spay/neuter programs and medical care for animals in low-income areas. 

“Like many communities, Los Angeles faces intense challenges when it comes to homeless animals; roughly half of the animals that enter L.A. area facilities never come out,” said ASPCA President and CEO Matt Bershadker. “But local organizations have been working hard and strategically to save lives, and we’re proud to help them with this unprecedented large-scale investment customized to the unique needs and specific obstacles of each community.”

In addition to Los Angeles City Animal Services and Los Angeles County Animal Control, the ASPCA is collaborating with Best Friends Animal Society in support of their No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) initiative and local animal welfare organizations including Downtown Dog Rescue, The Amanda Foundation, Stray Cat Alliance, Fix Nation, The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, Found Animals Foundation, Bark Avenue and others.

“It is an important component of our strategy to get pets off of the streets and into loving homes of their own,” said Brenda Barnette, General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services.

Los Angeles County efforts have focused on safety nets and pet retention.

The ASPCA also will commit $1 million to subsidize fees routinely paid by rescue organizations that take in animals from Los Angeles city and county shelters to prepare them for adoption. By covering these fees, the ASPCA will alleviate the burden on rescue groups and accelerate the adoption process for homeless animals. In addition, the ASPCA is hiring two staff members to help the L. A. County Dept. of Animal Control provide options to people who might otherwise give up their pets. These safety nets will work with the pet-owning public to provide a variety of resources— spay/neuter services, veterinary care, and animal-related social services—when they face challenges that could lead to pet relinquishment.