April 26, 2018

Why Everyone Should Join The Topanga Community Club


Topanga Days discount, the Playground, the Ball Field, Soccer, the Kids’ Club, Topanga Symphony, Monthly Sages Supper, Tai Chi, Tae Quan Do, Gymnastics, Pilates, Tango, Spanish Classes, Topanga Nutcracker, Topanga Youth Services, Children’s Garden, Topanga Swap Meet & Chili Cook-off.

Those are just the most obvious reasons everyone who lives in Topanga should become a member of the Topanga Community Club (TCC ).

In addition to the ongoing maintenance of the ball field, the beautiful new playground, the Community House, and the new children’s garden and baby oak trees that were recently planted, the TCC has many future plans, like a skateboard ramp. TCC also needs to upgrade the Community House with new doors, redo the floors, and repave the driveway, to name a few projects the board is working on that aren’t so glamorous.

The TCC depends on its membership to keep the lights on and the gates open but, because it is not maintained by Los Angeles County or City taxes, every dollar spent there is raised through some sort of fundraising, which is where the importance of membership comes in. It’s so simple. Annual membership is only $50 per family or $35 for individuals. That’s 13 cents a day for a family of four.


Currently, TCC’s annual budget to run the club is about $55,000. That includes utility bills, property taxes, maintenance and insurance. Membership stands at 448, so we are only generating around $22,000/year for a 14-acre property. The Club’s volunteer Board of Directors also does a lot to keep the grounds running.

Topanga Days, TCC’s annual and biggest fundraiser, typically brings in only enough funds to keep it in the black each year, but not enough to make improvements. So the TCC gets by, but wouldn’t it be great if it had an annual improvement budget for new projects and upgrades? Do the math. If even half of Topanga’s 2,500 households each paid membership dues of $35-$50 a year, it could have an additional $50,000 a year. After five years? Wow, what we could do! New acoustics, a central heating and air system, insulation, new windows, even a dishwasher for the kitchen!

We could make our Community House even more comfortable and usable for the community to have different classes in art, music, aerobics, theater performances and other sports at a very low cost. With a base income, we could better maintain our ball field, pave our driveway and build the proposed skateboard ramp and other enhancements without having to do extra fundraising. But without it, we can only get by, and need to constantly fundraise.

In other words, if everyone gave a little, we could do a lot!

Even if you never come to the TCC now, if you live in Topanga, it is almost guaranteed that some day you will, either for yourself, your child or a friend.

Please join me in this new effort to revitalize our Community House through membership and enthusiasm for the future.

Now you know why you should join the Community Club. n