May 27, 2018

PDSMM Announces Endorsements


In an election year when two people we have long depended on to represent us—Congressman Henry Waxman and Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsly—are leaving, it is extremely important for Topangans to vote in the June 3 Primary and support those who will be there for us in the years to come.

After careful consideration the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains (PDSMM) has endorsed Sheila Kuehl for Supervisor and Ted Lieu for Congress.

Sheila Kuehl has represented Topanga before in the state assembly and as a state senator. She joined with Yaroslavsky and Senator Fran Pavley to help the Santa Monica Mountains acquire thousands of acres of open space. Her dedication to the progressive ideals that Topangans hold dear is without reproach and her experience is unequaled. We know Sheila Kuehl. The person we know as a candidate is the same person we will meet with when she is elected Supervisor. In a race where the competition can spend unlimited sums of money it is important that Sheila's friends stand by her against the onslaught of media that is about to be let loose on us. PDSMM gives its absolute support to Sheila Kuehl

Ted Lieu, who is now the State Senator for much of the 33rd Congressional District, which runs from Palos Verdes to Malibu and points inland, has been writing good legislation for years. From co-sponsoring AB 32 to passing legislation on subprime lending, ending gay conversion therapy and supporting animal rights, Ted has been a voice for those who are not always heard. A good part of Henry Waxman's success was his persistence and we find the same quality in Ted Lieu. His ratings from environmental groups are second to none. PDSMM endorses Ted Lieu with complete confidence.

Derek Cressman is our choice for Secretary of State. As a leader of Common Cause, Derek fought for voting rights and against money in politics. He continues to champion these issues. If we want a Secretary of State who will be sure our votes are counted as cast and who will fight against the idea that money equals speech, Cressman is our choice. We are lucky to have him.

Betty Yee has been on the Board of Equalization and is fully qualified to make the next step up to Controller. She also is a fighter for justice. At the State Democratic Convention she electrified the audience by calling out Democrats who take corporate money and then vote based on those donations. We can count on Betty Yee to spend our money wisely and not be swayed by lobbyists and other denizens of Sacramento who do not have our best interests at heart. Make no mistake—this is an important position. We need Betty Yee.

Lou Vince is really the ONLY Democrat is this race. The other "Democrat" changed his party affiliation just before he filed to run. Lou Vince will end the insidious practice of assigning new deputies to jails where they learn to despise those they are bound to protect and serve. He opposes the death penalty, three strikes and the war on drugs, which keep our for-profit prisons filled and our school coffers empty. We need Lou Vince, too.