April 24, 2018

For the Record


Regarding the interview with Zev Yaroslavsky (“We Are All Stewards of the Land—Yaroslavsky Looks Back and to the Future,” Topanga Messenger), we did not mean to imply that Yaroslavsky “created” T-CEP and thought a clarification was in order.

We asked Sr. Deputy Susan Nissman to help us out, who explained:

“T-CEP is a stand-alone, all-volunteer non-profit coalition of local individuals and organizations formed directly after the devastating 1993 Old Topanga/Malibu Fire, just before Yaroslavsky was elected Supervisor.

“The County, led by Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s office in 2002, established the government/community Topanga Emergency Management Steering Committee to develop an emergency management plan, which resulted in publication of the first “Topanga Disaster Survival Guide” and has become, like T-CEP itself, a nationwide model for community-based emergency preparedness planning.

“In 2006, the Steering Committee was officially established as a Board of Supervisors-appointed Task Force, which is co-chaired by T-CEP and the County Office of Emergency Management, and meets quarterly in the Topanga Library.”

For T-CEP's complete history, refer to page 164 of “The Topanga Story.”