May 27, 2018

Kudos for a Blissful Earth Day


Dear Editor,

As a veteran of the last 13 Topanga Earth Day celebrations, I want to congratulate the organizers of this year's event and the community at large, on an amazing weekend. Visitors universally loved the beautiful Old Canyon Ranch location; the energy among vendors, staff, sheriffs, firefighters and visitors was overwhelmingly positive; I did not observe any difficulties with traffic, parking or safety. The whole operation was handled with great professionalism and the crowd was relaxed and happy.

It is a huge boon to our community to have so many visitors from L.A. and from all over the world take home blissful memories of our beautiful canyon and people. We all owe big thanks to Stephanie Lallouz, her entire crew and everyone at Old Canyon Ranch for making it happen.

—Ben Allanoff