June 4, 2020

Kids Loved “Open Play Day”



Kids Loved “Open Play Day”

A small child plays in the sand box in the backyard of Mary Guillerman’s Topanga home on Sunday, March 30 during the “Open Play Day,” where children from all over the Canyon came out to play inside and out.

On Sunday, March 30, there was a good turnout for Mary Guillermin’s “Open Play Day” when Topanga parents and their children visited the offices of Play Therapy in the Canyon on Cheney Drive.

Moms and dads played with their children or talked to Guillermin, LMFT, about play and parenting issues while enjoying the sunshine and delicious cookies supplied by Lucy’s Bakeshop.

Guillermin said, “I was struck by the calm and focused atmosphere as the children settled down with the toys or activities of their choice and by how well children of different ages played together.”

Guillermin says she did not provide structured activities that need an adult’s assistance.

“Just as in the play therapy session itself, everything is set up so that the children’s imagination and feelings take them to the heart of their own creativity or movement needs while adults are supportive and caring witnesses.”

Several of the children attending were under three and enjoyed the swing and slide structures loaned by Kelly Rockwell of the Topanga Farmer’s Markets as well as the deep sand box and Play-Doh outside in the sunny yard.

“I think the Open Play Day was successful in giving Topanga families the opportunity to play together in a different setting and I look forward to offering another Open Play Day later this year,” Guillermin said.

For more information: (310) 422-6497; playtherapyinthecanyon.com.