June 21, 2018

Chamber Mixer with Marianne Williamson



Chamber Mixer with Marianne Williamson

Congressional candidate Marianne Williamson (l.) with Topangan Geri Kenyon at the Chamber Morning Mixer.

More than 50 people attended the April 9 early morning mixer of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce to hear District 33 U. S. Congressional candidate, Marianne Williamson speak. This was her second appearance in Topanga because, she said, “It represents respect for people and for the earth. We don’t think of growth as mutually exclusive of concern for nature. This is the consciousness of what should prevail in the Congress.”

The speech crescendoed with a passionate appeal to change the status quo in Washington, DC: “The influence of money in our government today is a cancer eating our democracy,” she said.

“It’s time for a ‘people’s intervention,’ like the Civil Rights movement. I will use whatever voice I have [in Congress] to pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw corporate influence.” Williamson, a registered Democrat, will run as an Independent.

Prior to speaking, Williamson sat next to longtime resident and psychologist Geri Kenyon who said, “This is indeed a thoughtful, calm person, focused on what she is doing with a single-minded, internal intensity. Her talk, marrying spiritual thought to political reality, touched those of us who hunger for this life-saving political stance.

“In this unique difference, she represents us all,” Kenyon said.