June 20, 2018

Chamber Welcomes Newcomers to Topanga­­


Welcome to Topanga!

The Topanga Chamber of Commerce has a new project designed to welcome new residents, both homebuyers and renters, to the special place that is Topanga.

Committee members will personally deliver a Welcome Basket to newcomers to inform, educate and entertain newcomers so that they can understand and embrace Topanga's uniqueness as a place and a community of people.

All new residents, whether or not they own a business, are also invited to join the Chamber members at the monthly Morning Mixer breakfast, held at the Inn of the Seventh Ray on the second Wednesday of every month.

“Topangans know this is a special place to live and it can take a while for newcomers to learn about the resources of nature, businesses and community organizations that combine to give Topanga its unique flavor. We really hope to make our new residents immediately feel a part of the community,” Welcome Committee chair Mary Guillermin says.

The basket will contain all the things needed to start learning about their new home, including the Map and Guide published by the Chamber of Commerce, a copy of the Topanga Messenger and the “455 Directory,” along with products, discounted services, coupons and gifts donated by local businesses that demonstrate the great variety of experiences available in the Topanga community.

With this information at hand, new residents will find themselves able to enjoy everything from dining to events at the Community House, Shakespeare at the Theatricum Botanicum, and to know about all sorts of local providers, from health support, to contractors, family matters, technology, art, transport—everything needed for daily life.

Most important of all, these new residents will immediately have a connection to the many community organizations in Topanga, where they can start forming relationships with volunteer groups, as well as with their immediate neighbors.

If you are new to Topanga, or know of new residents in your neighborhood, please contact Julia Swanson with details at julia@juliaswanson.com and we will deliver them their Welcome Basket and make our introduction.

­Any further questions can be directed to Mary Guillermin, LMFT, at (310) 422-6497; mary@traumatherapyinthecanyon.com.