June 21, 2018

Earth Day at Old Canyon Ranch— Really?


Have you ever turned onto Old Topanga Canyon Road from the Boulevard? Have you ever had to slam on your brakes because some Inn of the 7th Ray customer pulled out right in front of you? These customers don’t realize or can’t see traffic coming or they are marveling at the beauty of the Canyon and are not paying attention.

This mainly happens on the weekends. Let’s add some fun into the mix.

Guess what? According to signs on the Boulevard, Earth Day will be celebrated right up the road from the intersection of Old and new Topanga Canyon. Really? This will be a new weekend traffic nightmare.

How does the Fire Department get up Old Topanga if they are needed when traffic is backed up to the Boulevard and if both single lanes on Old Topanga are blocked? Where are all of the Earth Day celebrators going to park? Will they park on the road? There used to be signs that said “No Parking” right above the Inn on Old Canyon but they mysteriously disappeared.

Will visitors be making a left hand turn into Monte Vista Road and backing up the traffic possibly in both directions? How many smokers will be flicking butts into the dry brush along the road?

Who decided Earth Day should take place off of Old Topanga Canyon Road – I don’t think it was the residents.

—Mary C. Rhodes

Old Topanga Canyon resident