April 26, 2018

Signs Along Topanga


Dear Editor and Topanga residents:

I am offended and astonished at the inordinate number of signs that have been added to our town center on Topanga Canyon Blvd. It is a travesty and very UNTOPANGA!  Most of them are gratuitous and unhelpful. It is one hot mess in my opinion. I want my state to be buying BOOKS for our students instead of this unconscionable raft of ridiculous signs. In my small, two lane road in Fernwood, there are ELEVEN (11) signs in only 9/10 of a mile. These signs mostly address the fact that there are MORE signs UP AHEAD to be aware of!  Duh!

We invite all who are of a like mind to join in a community effort to have at least some of these awful signs removed.

Please contact me at ALOHArose@aol.com or (310) 455-3851 if you wish to participate. Thank you!

— Sharon Lee Rosewoman

Longtime Topanga resident