April 24, 2018

April at the Gallery To Benefit Women’s Circle, April 2-27


April at the Gallery To Benefit Women’s Circle, April 2-27

During the month of April Topanga Canyon Gallery will feature works by Robin Becker, Rebecca Catterall and Paula Fagan. This is the second time these artists have shown together and, once again, the show highlights their unique points of view, but with overlapping themes. Reception with the artists is Sunday, April 6, 2 to 5 p.m.

“When we first discussed showing together, we wanted to each submit a word that captures our new work,” states Catterall. “Paula chose Nomadic because of her recent travels with rolled-up canvases of her “Spirit Girls to Belize.” Robin chose “Images” given the fact that she is taking portraits of young women with transparent veils and I chose “Botanical,” given my new fixation with ceramic flowers and other items for the garden.

“We were then struck by the feminine theme of our show and it became obvious to us that we should donate a portion of the sales to Topanga’s Women’s Circle.”

[[art_olivia_robin_becker_2014.jpg]]Becker starts with her camera and a photographic image. A narrative of each piece evolves as it becomes a unique monograph with the imagery, colors and textures used. The result is a group of portraits of striking young women behind veils. She explains, “I show their inner presence. In their gaze they lose shyness.”

Becker will also display a series of collages of windows and reflections that change the perception of time and space. Shadows transform into memories of sanctuaries and unreal moments.


April at the Gallery To Benefit Women’s Circle, April 2-27

"Full Sun, No Water," a photograph by Rebecca Catteral on display at the Topanga Canyon Gallery from April 2-27, 2014.

It is difficult for Catterall not to look through some sort of contemporary issue lens when she works in her ceramic studio. “Over the past few years we have relied on outdoor sculpture, artificial turf and a succulent garden to cut down our water use but still wanted to have a beautiful backyard,” recalls Rebecca. “The current drought challenged me to include more color in the garden so I learned ways to make ceramic flowers, what I have come to call drought-tolerant. That led to others such as birdbaths and garden bells. I am including nesting flower–shaped bowls for those who want to bring flowers to the kitchen.”


April at the Gallery To Benefit Women’s Circle, April 2-27

"Pools of Souls," by Paula Fagan.

In addition to Fagan’s “Nomadic Spirit Girls,” she is introducing her “Moon Mantra” paintings.

The “Moon Mantras” contain an elemental large rusted moon and a mantra, message, poem or story embedded in the surface of the painting. Both the “Spirit Girls” and the “Moon Mantras” are painted on raw, frayed, natural canvas. Both of these series are painted with rusted iron and acrylic. These new collections of work roll up into an easy to carry bundle and tie with a string and can hang on the wall with a bamboo rod and cord. Paula will also feature her interactive glass "Inspheration Vessels," which come with a tiny scroll to write one’s intention and drop it inside. The vessel can be hung in one's environment to symbolize letting go and trusting.

Fagan’s Nomadic collection is inspired by her time in Central America, as well as her time in her calm serene dwelling in the hills of Topanga Canyon.

The Topanga Canyon Gallery is located at 120 N. Topanga Cyn. Blvd., #109, in Pine Tree Circle. An artists’ reception will be held April 6, 2 to 5 p.m. The show runs April 2 to 27. Hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday, 11a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information: topangacanyongallery.com; or (310) 455-7909.