May 27, 2018

Whole Body Beautiful: Cravings? What is Your Body Telling You?


Whole Body Beautiful: Cravings? What is Your Body Telling You?

We are incredible beings. Actually, we are quite miraculous.

Our bodies work hard for us each and every day, keeping us in balance, knowing when to sleep, wake, maintain a temperature of 98.6 F and when to take in a breath. Our hearts pump about 5,000 gallons of blood a day and beat more than 100,000 times in a 24-hour period (three billion times in our lives) and with more than 100,000 chemical reactions taking place in every cell every second, this wondrous super computer of ours rarely makes a mistake … but at times it will give us a few clues to what it needs.

Many think of cravings as a failure or weakness but, in fact, it is your body asking for something it needs to keep balanced, healthy and happy.­­­


1. Water—Dehydration can cause many imbalances within our bodies but it can also mask itself as hunger and set off a number of cravings. So when you get that first sign, grab a glass of water and drink up.

2. Food imbalances—By eating too much of one food, cravings to the extreme opposite will usually happen to maintain a balance, e.g., for some, too much sugar could cause a craving for meat. Too many raw foods and your cravings will most likely go to cooked and dehydrated foods.

3. Lack of nutrients—If our bodies lack the nutrients needed it may crave all kinds of things, like sugar, salt and unhealthy energy sources like caffeine. The best way to deal with this is to figure out where and what you’re lacking. It could be poor diet, lack of absorption, illness, or food sensitivities. The best way to start is to eat a diet with plenty of high quality nutrient-dense foods such as plenty of fresh vegetables.

4. The four seasons—Different elements of each season may have your body craving the foods it needs to adapt. Winter cravings may center on heat-producing foods such as meat, oil and fat. Fall seeks grounding foods such as nuts, root vegetables, onions. Spring is a time for detoxing with lighter, leafy greens and citrus. Summer looks for cooling foods in fruit, raw vegetables and hydration.

5. In need of “Soul” food—Food is the fuel that truly nourishes you. It’s your relationships, family, career, spirit, stress, exercise and motivation. A feeling of imbalance may cause food cravings to satisfy emotional needs, such as calming stress and reducing anxiety. Eating because of stress can create some unwanted food cravings. Carbohydrates boost our serotonin level which have a calming effect, and fat and sugar may also be calming. Be aware of what cravings sneak up on you.

By looking at your foods, lifestyle and behaviors, you will become aware of the underlying causes of your cravings and start giving your body, heart, soul and mind what it truly is asking for.

Lisa Fallon Mindel HHP, AADP is a qualified holistic health and nutrition Coach as well as a model and triathlete. She counsels people on how to effectively reach their health, nutrition and wellness goals. With her personalized step-by-step program and support, reaching goals is enjoyable and lifelong. For more information, go to