May 26, 2018

Sick Bobcat Sighted in Topanga State Park



Sick Bobcat Sighted in  Topanga State Park

A sick bobcat that was sighted in Topanga State Park.

On February 11, a hiker spotted and photographed this bobcat severely infected with notoedric mange in Topanga State Park. The bobcat was captured and radio collared in 2011 by UCLA and NPS biologists, at which time he was suffering a case of moderate notoedric mange. He was treated for the disease at the time of capture and released on site. Although he recovered from his initial infection and appeared to remain healthy for more than a year, he was recently spotted with a severe case of the disease. He is currently radio collared although the collar ceased functioning earlier this year. If sighted, please report the sighting to Laurel Serieys ( so that NPS biologists may be able to target locations to recapture him and re-treat him for the disease. Because this disease has been linked with anticoagulant rodenticide exposure by local research groups, we encourage all residents living in this beautiful wild land to refrain from using rodenticide poisons. For more information about this disease and poisons: