June 21, 2018

We Like Kitty Art—Art Show LA


What could be more purr-fectly delightful than to find oneself ensconced in a world of Cat Art?

On Saturday, January 25, I, Miss Kitty Glitter, President of the We Like Kitties Club, ventured deep into Hollywood to treat my tail and whiskers to “Cat Art Show LA.” Presented by 101/exhibit, the show of 70 artists was curated by charming Susan Michals, who proudly shared “My cat’s name is Miss Pretty Kitty Girl.”

As is appropriate for anything “kitty,” there was a large turnout, in fact a veritable clowder. While standing in line with esteemed videographer Chase Holiday of Furball Fables, the excitement built as cat aficionados of all breeds anticipated what was to come with the impatience of a hungry cat waiting for the can of tuna to be opened. We were not disappointed.

Upon entering the gallery, a gracious host at the door cautioned us to “Watch your step,” which is always sage advice, especially when one is wearing high heels and overcome with excitement at the very concept of Cat Art. The first piece I came across and fell in love with was Mattia Biagi’s “Musey at 1PM.” There, in an artistic bowl, was a collection of soft fluffy orange and white fur combed and gathered from the artist’s own cat. One could almost see it breathe. As wondrous and endearing as the bowl of fluff was, it became even more remarkable with the accompanying addition of a recording of the cat’s very own purr. Art indeed!

I, too, began to purr standing in that space surrounded by such imaginative renderings of feline form ranging from the cosmic to the cartoon.

An especially popular piece was titled “Great Big Great World” by Mark Dennis that depicted an adorable kitten in an ornate frame in the blue and white of gang colors along with a profile of Snoop Dogg. Famed political artist, Shepard Fairey presented the provocative black “Radical Cat.” Heather Mattoon’s series, “Cats in Clothes,” was fetchingly fanciful, as was Heather herself. “I was in an accident,” she explained from her wheelchair. “Someone gave me a cat and it was healing and inspired me.”

Tim Biskup offered a cool looking, almost retro piece, “Yarn,” and pink-haired artist, Natalia Fabia, showed a mesmerizing rainbow-colored cat’s face, “Toulouse the Cat,” inspired by icon Lisa Frank. To complete the glory of the evening someone with a tray and a smile passed by and offered moi, Miss Kitty Glitter, a glass of champagne.

As with the art, I lapped it up.

Although Cat Art Show Los Angeles is no longer running, information can be found at catartshowla.com.

101/exhibit is located at 6205 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038.

[To view Miss Kitty Gitter’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfIgl2JEEwE].