May 27, 2018

Family and Friends Thank Station 69 Firefighters



Family and Friends Thank Station 69  Firefighters

From left to right: Firefighter Paramedic Jesse Diaz, Anika Williams, Sadie Radinsky, Jackie Radinsky, Dylan Williams, Mikayla Williams, Kevin Williams, Jill Williams, Firefighter Rob Leslie and Captain Ron Hayes

The January 14 fire on Red Rock Road started right in front of Jill and Kevin Williams’ house. Quick thinking from residents and overwhelming response by the fire department—on the ground and from the air—extinguished the fire at the point of origin and checked spot fires caused by wind-blown embers from Italian cypress trees from spreading into the hills. In gratitude, the family and a couple of friends spent their Martin Luther King school holiday baking Whoopie Pies and delivered them to the appreciative fire crew who toured them around the station.