May 26, 2018

Survey Reveals New Projects for TCC


One of the highlights of the Messenger Gala Potluck & Pitchfest was the reveal of the "Short & Sweet Survey" circulated throughout the Canyon.

Respondents were asked to rate various categories of projects that could/should be taken on by the Topanga Community Club (TCC) and the community following the successful completion of Topanga's Only Playground. More than 150 responses were logged and some clear preferences surfaced. Strong contenders include the interior makeover of the Community House in order to improve it acoustically and aesthetically to accommodate more, high-caliber musical and theatrical events; the building of a skateboard park for the youth outgrowing the playground; and the creation of an exercise circuit on the grounds for everyone.

You can still take the survey at Our plan is to have another community gathering February 23 at the Community Club to break into planning teams and start action plans for the new projects. If there is something you feel strongly about that you would like to see, now is the time to get involved with the TCC. For more information:;(310) 425-3624.