June 21, 2018

New Age Author Marianne Williamson Running for Congress in 33rd District



New Age Author Marianne Williamson Running for Congress in 33rd District

Congressional candidate Marianne Williamson, left, with her campaign co-chair Seane Corn at a rally at the Topanga Community House on January 8.

The Community House was packed with more than 200 people on Wednesday, Jan. 8 who had come to volunteer for her campaign and purchase tee shirts.

An equally large group crowded into Froggy’s on Saturday, Jan. 11 to hear the New Age author (“A Return to Love”) speak of radical political change.

As a registered Independent from West Hollywood, Williamson, 61, is challenging longtime incumbent Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) for the congressional seat he first won in the 1970’s.

Williamson cited a laundry list of concerns ranging from mass incarceration of blacks and Latinos, government spying, a growing gap between rich and poor, child poverty (the second highest in the world) the “corruption of our food supply” via genetic modification and high-fructose corn syrup.

Campaign workers spread around the room with computer tablets at the ready to swipe cards for her grassroots Facebook and Twitter campaign contributions.

Williamson spoke of the country being “addicted” to political corruption where the two major parties have “locked out” regular people and third party candidates and as needing an “intervention” to cure it.

“We want to initiate a new conversation,” she concluded to thunderous applause. “There are still a few doors we need to kick in!”