May 27, 2018

Topanga Fire, Jan. 14


Dear Editor:

An electric box exploded on the corner of Red Rock Road and Old Topanga Canyon Road on Jan. 14 and ignited a fire that moved up the hill. Some sparks flew up causing several fires, including one that was very close to our house. It's very dry here and windy. It took about four hours to get it under control. Lots of firemen and helicopters and planes dropping water. It's all safe now. No one got hurt, no houses damaged. I just smelled like smoke and inhaled some from fighting the fire with a garden hose, but doing good. Thanks for the quick response and amazing work of the Topanga Fire Department and everyone else involved. That was close!

—Bernhard Guenther

Editor's Note:Please see fire coverage, "Red Rock Fire Threatens Canyon," for Southern California Edison's take that the probable cause was wind gusts that snapped a power line.