May 27, 2018

Grateful Thanks


Dear Editor:

Question: What could possibly be the silver lining to 48 hours of anxiety over a lost pet?

Answer: Learning, yet again, what a wonderful community Topanga is.  

When our beloved dog Tasha went missing, we walked and called, signed up for a pet Amber Alert ( and posted signs. The response we got from our neighborhood was amazing! E-mails were sent out to neighborhood groups, some called with sightings; many called who hadn’t seen her but assured us they would keep an eye out and gave wishes for good luck with our search; some walked the streets calling her name or even ran down the road trying to catch her. Happily she was found, scared, tired and thirsty, but otherwise unharmed.  

We want to send our deepest thanks to our Fernwood, Tuna Canyon and Skyhawk Lane neighbors. The community support meant so much when we were in the middle of this crisis. While we hope we never have to do the same for you, be assured we will be available to help should you ever need it!

—The Foss Family

Tuna Canyon Road