May 27, 2018

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Out-of-State Phone Contacts


One can never be too prepared for an emergency that can show up at any time.  Hillside Henry was thumbing through his Topanga Survival Guide to see if his phone contacts were up to date. His very important out-of-state contact had a new number, which he changed. He said that if the phones in our area go down residential phones are the last to be restored. Those serving critical facilities (911, hospitals, law enforcement, and T-CEP) are repaired first. Next are long distance lines, so it’s possible to reach someone outside California, then pay phones, and finally businesses and residences. He also took a few minutes to remind his family to call the out-of-state contact in time of need and to report their location and well being. 

“Topanga Tim” is brought to you by the Topanga Emergency Management Plan as a public service.