April 26, 2018

Topanga Community Club Goals for 2014


Dear Editor,

As Corresponding Secretary for the Topanga Community Club for 2014, I want to introduce myself and share some of the goals the TCC leadership has in store this year. Following an incredibly rewarding 2013 at the TCC, 2014 will be another of note.

As co-chair of the team that brought the Canyon together to rebuild the playground on the TCC property, I was both humbled and honored to work side by side with fellow residents to carry on the TCC mission. I have two young children who enjoy music class, gymnastics and soccer at the Club. It was because of them, and the potential that the TCC has to be a hub for the community, that I chose to run for a position on the Board of Directors.

Looking ahead to 2014, I share the vision of TCC President Mark Nygard as he has led the club toward a long awaited Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that will help the TCC to better serve its members and the greater Topanga community as a whole. In addition, this year the TCC Board plans to pursue green solutions for the infrastructure of the Club. By introducing a variety of alternative energy sources, including solar and possibly wind power, the Club can become a model for energy efficiency. The Community House Improvement Committee, (CHIC) which was dormant for a number of years, is now back with a long list of improvement projects to complete around the property. If members have not yet completed their 2014 survey, I encourage them to do so. Where the priorities for improvement lie will depend on the membership to decide.

There are already new offerings for members that they can take advantage of in 2014.

The Club will host an inaugural KIDSWAP on January 18, where members can bring their gently used childrens’ clothing, toys, books, and more for a no-cost exchange. Space is limited, so Email topangaplayground@gmail.com to RSVP for this event. On Monday, January 20, in conjunction with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the TCC will participate in a national day of volunteer service. All ages are welcome to help by donating a few hours of time toward fixes and small projects on the TCC grounds. Additionally, the Club is starting a winter youth soccer league. First games will be played January 25. All of this, offered in January alone!

Visit the TCC website, www.topangacommunityclub.com, for more information on all of these events.

The Club depends on memberships (currently about 400 families are members) and volunteerism that is exhibited every day by the coaches on the ball field, board members running a car wash, parents raking wood chips at the playground, and Boy Scouts helping to pick up rubbish around the property. I urge your readers to become members of the Topanga Community Club and get involved today. Volunteers are needed all year long, not only during Topanga Days, and the return on this small investment is truly priceless.

I am excited about the future and I am grateful for the volunteers who are already helping to improve the Club and carry on the legacy of the Community House. I hope others will join me to usher in a new era of service to the Canyon.

Kind regards,

—Kelly Rockwell

TCC Corresponding Secretary, 2014