April 17, 2014

Topanga—A Beautiful, Safe and Healthy Haven


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the entire Topanga Creek Watershed Committee and the wider Topanga Community, I want to express great appreciation for the work Joseph Rosendo recently completed as president of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.

Joseph understood, I think more clearly and more quickly than most of us, that the health of our local environment is absolutely essential not just to our identity as a community, but to the health and prosperity of all local businesses. Joseph followed up this understanding with the strength and ability to take a stand that was frequently misunderstood and strongly opposed. Without his wisdom and fortitude we would never have been able to accomplish what we have accomplished so far with Caltrans regarding the dispersal of poison along the sides of our main street.

Our wish is that other community leaders, businesspeople, public servants and residents, will all appreciate the truth of what Joseph has been saying—in short, if we crap this place up, it won't be worth a damn to anyone, and if we continue to improve it, it will be that much more valuable to everyone. Please don’t simply agree with this statement, but take meaningful action, even when it is unpopular or misunderstood. Our work with Caltrans and other agencies will surely continue. Let's build on Joseph's work and more fully realize our vision of Topanga as a beautiful, safe and healthy haven.

—Ben Allanoff, Chair, Topanga Creek Watershed Committee