April 17, 2014

Topanga Town Council—36 Years and Still Moving Forward with New Programs



Topanga Town Council—36 Years and Still Moving Forward with New Programs

Members of the Topanga Town Council join with the wonderful firemen of Los Angeles County Fire Station Engine 69 for their annual Firemanís Dinner in 2013.

It’s hard to believe, 36 years, but that’s how long the Topanga Town Council (TTC) has proudly served the interests of the residents, businesses and property owners in Topanga Canyon.

Please read on to see the many things the Council does on your behalf that you might not know about.

OneTopanga.com—The Town Council created a virtual one-stop-shop to get connected to each other, a robust community website called, OneTopanga.com, featuring a Community Calendar, News About Town, local stories and information on Topanga non-profit organizations.

It has links to local weather and surf conditions, maps, County services and emergency information.

The recent launch of the “Topanga Directory” on OneTopanga.com is a coordinated effort with the Topanga Chamber of Commerce, who is calling all businesses in Topanga to get listed for free on OneTopanga.com.

For a small fee, which helps us maintain the site, you can upgrade your business listing to include more detailed information about your business, a photo gallery, event announcements, video uplinks and much more.

Next year, OneTopanga.com will expand to include more personal interactivity and individual participation. We want you at www.onetopanga.com.

Topanga Resident Access Card—made its debut in 2009 and now has more than 1,500 Topangans who have signed up for the cards, making it one of the most important items to have in your emergency preparedness kit. The 2014 Access Card honors an incredible volunteer, Susan Clark and Topanga Animal Rescue, featuring her most famous rescue, Teddy the Camel.

In case you didn’t know, each card displays a zone number assigned by the L.A. County Fire Department to manage evacuations and re-entries into the Canyon. As zones reopen after a disaster, officers at roadblocks can instantly determine if a cardholder lives in a zone that's been cleared for re-entry, a welcome change from officers having to check drivers' licenses against Thomas Guides, and assuring access for non-licensed Topanga residents, non-driving children, the disabled and the elderly.

Access Topanga—is an exciting new feature of this year’s card, which offers ongoing special discounts to residents who participate in the program. The first 50 people who sign up for a 2014 Access Card will receive a free cup of coffee from Froggy’s new commuter coffee service.

Visit OneTopanga.com for more exciting Access Topanga offers! To get your 2014 Topanga Resident Access Card: topangatowncouncil.org; or visit Topanga Seed & Feed. Proceeds from sales of the Access Cards, as well as donations from local residents, help fund the Council's numerous ongoing projects, such as the annual Topanga Creek Cleanup, Fire Station 69 dinners, the “Slow Down Through Town” campaign, a portable toilet for the transient community and working with law enforcement to reduce graffiti, crime and traffic congestion. The TTC also provides thermal clothing for our homeless community.

Let Us Hear from You—The Council is like an Ever-Ready battery: we just keep on going! In addition to websites, Access Cards and local programs, your Town Council serves on many committees that protect your interest, among them: Water District 29 Master Plan Task Force, Topanga Canyon Roadside Committee and the Topanga Emergency Management Task Force, just to name a few. It’s important for Topangans to have a voice in community affairs and the Council welcomes your participation. Meetings are held on the second Thursday of most months at 7 p.m. at the Topanga Library Community Room.

The Town Council team includes Board members, Friends of the Council and other tireless volunteers who have worked very hard this year to make a difference in our Canyon.

It would not have happened without the efforts of Rebecca Goldfarb, Tanya Starcevich, Michele Johnson, Becca Barkin, Karla Morrison, Lindsay Zook, Dayna Miller, Diana Norwood, Mike Meador, Dan Hanrahan, Bruce Royer, Tam Taylor, Billy Stern, Neil Shaw, Jennifer Babcock, Micah Kritzman, the Topanga Chamber of Commerce and many others who helped along the way.

We thank you so very much for making our journey complete.

The Council looks forward to serving Topanga in 2014. We wish a happy and safe Holiday Season to all. See you on OneTopanga.com!

For more information: (310) 455-3001, or contact@topangatowncouncil.org.