April 24, 2018

Graduation Congratulations!


This is the time of year for college graduation congratulations!

Topanga Elementary’s fifth-grade graduating Class of 2002 spawned a group of students who graduated from college with Bachelor’s degrees in May/June, 2013. Congratulations to these scholars (and to their parents and families!):

Many of us have received graduation announcements (the proverbial “call for cash”) and/or attended various ceremonies and some of us are lucky enough to say that our kids MADE IT THROUGH!

From Dawn DaMart’s 5th grade class of 2002, Room 6: Briseis Eide-Etarro, UC Riverside, BA in Media Cultural Studies; Fiona Hannigan, UC Berkeley, BA in English with Honors; Michael Ray, UC Santa Cruz, BA in Environmental Studies and Economics (double major); Brendan Schweitzer, UC Santa Cruz, BS in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology.

From Marianne Bordier’s 5th grade class of 2002, Room 7: Daniel Allen, UC Santa Barbara, BA in English, minor in Spanish; Zachary Hannah, University of Hawaii, BS in Nursing; Shane Liliedahl, UC Santa Cruz, BA in Music (Voice); Krista Falcon Myers, UC Santa Cruz, BS in Earth Studies (Planetary Science), with Honors; Sonja van Soelen, UC Davis, BS in Mechanical Engineering; Melina Vanos, Boston University, BA in Spanish and Psychology (double major); Samantha Walters, UC Santa Cruz, Cognitive Science, with Highest Honors.

Best of luck to all of these young scholars as they embark upon their careers. If we have missed any others from the fifth-grade Class of 2002, congratulations to you, too!

—Donna Falcon, proud parent