June 21, 2018

Hillbillyhip’s Third Solstice Party—Salute to the Sun



Hillbillyhip’s Third Solstice Party—Salute to the Sun

From left, Hillbillyhip owner Gidget Zapata, Marsha Maus and Rose D’Alessandro at the Summer Solstice party on June 21.

"The days are getting shorter now, but not without first giving a proper Topanga homage to the longest day of the year,” declared Cecil and Gidget Zapata, owners of Hillbillyhip vintage clothing shop. This was Hillbillyhip’s third Annual Solstice Celebration held on June 21, the summer solstice, in the Topanga Center plaza between Topanga Art and Tile and Veterinarian Holly Scoren’s clinic where the breezeway was transformed into a Mediterranean gypsy caravan decor, with flowing 20-foot silk draperies all around that gave this very public place a feeling of exclusion from the normal business of everyday life. A large stage took over the north end of the plaza that welcomed a number of talented local performers, among them Steel Toed Slippers, Walter Spencer, Math and Science, Maya Bon, Terin Ector, and the always amazing Preston Smith.

The music went on through the night with an accompanying organic menu, designed and prepared by Gidget herself, that offered tasty eggplant parmesan sandwiches with heirloom sauce served with a rainbow chard and mixed baby greens salad with a choice of homemade balsamic and dijon vinaigrette.

Of course, the BBQ was in full swing also, and the scent of master grillers wafted gloriously in the full moon air.

Several shops were open extra late and Hillbillyhip customers could enjoy the rare occasion of shopping while enjoying the music, food and maybe even a go at Pingpong. Pingpong challenges were abundant, old friends reconnected, new friends were made, and proper respect was delivered to the Sun. Eating, drinking, smiles and laughter overwhelmed the day as Hillbillyhip offered their thanks to the community, marking their third Solstice in Topanga. Clearly, it is possible to return Topanga to its funky roots, but certainly not without the help of Hillbillyhip!

Hillbillyhip is looking forward to next year! Keep on rockin'.