June 4, 2020

Topanga Kid Bakes Up Sweet Goodness



Topanga Kid Bakes Up Sweet Goodness

As the youngest member of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce, Lucy Babcock of Lucy's Bake Shop creates custom cupcakes and donates to special causes.

Lucy Babcock is a child who is as sweet as they come. Literally.

As a second-grader at Calabash Charter Academy, the 7-year-old has a unique talent that turned into a business venture: baking cupcakes.

Lucy first discovered her love for baking after attending her Girl Scout Troop meeting.

“When I started baking cupcakes for the Girl Scouts, I felt it was a passion to do this,” she said.

At 6, the young entrepreneur began her business, Lucy’s Bake Shop, that kicked off last July when she learned her Aunt Michelle was getting married that month and needed help finding a bakery.

“My aunt called my mom to have her help find some bakeries and I said, ‘Why doesn’t she hire me instead?’” Lucy said.

“[The next time my aunt called], I answered and said, “Hello! It’s Lucy’s Bake Shop! Would you like to place an order for your wedding?” Impressed, Michelle hired her niece who ended up making 484 cupcakes in two days.

Lucy has more than 30 customers and bakes for many occasions, including the Topanga Chamber of Commerce, her brother Wyatt’s soccer team parents, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, fundraisers and school events. Half of her customers have ordered from her more than once.

“[All of my customers] love the cupcakes, none of them have said that they are bad,” Lucy said. “There’s a girl I know who has gone to famous bakeries and she told me that I am better than all of them.” Lucy bakes a variety of sweet goodies, including cookies, cakes, Whoopie Pies and the most popular, cupcakes. All-time cupcake favorites of her customers include Chocolate S’mores, Mint Patty, Red Hot Red Velvet (with cinnamon and cayenne pepper), Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake (with strawberries, instant espresso and coconut milk), Grape (made with Muscat wine and whole grapes) and Lemon Blueberry (made with sour cream, fresh lemon juice and blueberries, and lemon zest).

She also has upcoming specials that include the Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake for Mother’s Day and a “Man Cake,” a pumpkin Whoopie Pie filled with maple buttercream frosting, graham cracker crust and brown sugar bacon for Father’s Day.

“She’s my favorite baker,” said Wyatt, 9, with a big smile.

Lucy whips up everything from scratch and gets her recipes from the Food Network, her mom’s classics, magazines and other cookbooks. She also uses certain baking products, such as purchasing her baking eggs from Red Barn Eggs to help support a boy who raises chickens.

“Lucy looks for opportunities to help other people,” said Jennifer, her mom.

Since the launch of her business, Lucy has baked a couple thousand cupcakes. This past October, she became the youngest member ever registered with the Topanga Chamber of Commerce.

“It feels special to be the youngest because, since I joined, I can meet more people and I don’t feel shy around the grown-ups,” she said.


Topanga Kid Bakes Up Sweet Goodness

Lucy Babcock will take special orders on cupcakes for parties, or any occasion.

As a former board member of the Topanga Chamber, Jennifer encouraged her daughter to join. Jennifer works from home as a graphic designer and believes Lucy learned her business-savvy skills from having Lucy listen to her on the phone with clients.

“She really enjoys doing it and is having a lot of fun,” Jennifer said. “I am very proud of her and everything she has done has been at her own suggestion. I’m here to support and encourage her.”

Jennifer also plays a prominent role in Lucy’s business: “I finance the ingredients and clean the dishes,” she laughs.

With 200 registered businesses in the area, Topanga Chamber President Joseph Rosendo says the future of not just the Chamber but the City of Topanga resides in its youth.

“This year we’ve made a special effort to open our doors to the young, talented and creative members of our community,” Rosendo said. “Lucy’s Bake Shop is a prime example of the innovative ideas, joy and enthusiasm they bring to our Chamber. They remind us all why we began our businesses in the first place.”

Lucy also believes in giving back to the community. During her recent science fair project, she examined how many people would pay for her cupcakes and what charities they would help support (either for profit, cancer, animals or kids). Her findings showed that more people supported cancer charities as the number one cause. For her recent Easter Lemon Blueberry cupcake special, Lucy donated $40 to help classmate Lucia, who is battling leukemia.

“Cancer is serious, so if I give money to cancer, then people who have it can pay for medicine and go to the hospital. They can have a higher chance of being cured,” she said.

Other charities Lucy supports include Stop Cancer in Los Angeles, National Brain Tumor Society, The Nature of Wildworks in Topanga Canyon, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Susan G. Komen Foundation and Para Los Niños in Los Angeles. Since last October, she has donated $650 to charities.

Lucy is also very frugal with her money and is saving for the future: “I am saving for a car, house, college, food, furniture and toys if I children,” she said.

When Lucy’s not baking, she likes to attend birthday parties, have sleepovers with her friends and play soccer.

“We all have a bunch of fun together,” she said.

Currently, Lucy is looking for a restaurant or retail store to feature her cupcakes in a cold case. As for the future of the bake shop, Lucy has high hopes to open her own location and write and sing radio jingles about her business.

She also wants her customers to donate a portion of their purchased goods to charity.

“I want to ask them what charity they want to donate to and how much so that they can learn that giving back helps a lot,” she said.


4 mini: $10.

6 mini: $12.

4 regular: $14.

6 regular: $18.

12 mini: $24.

12 regular: $36.

24 mini: $48.

Call for custom orders.

For more information: (818) 222-7576; lucysbakeshop@yahoo.com. Lucy’s Bake Shop is in the process of developing a website.