June 21, 2018

Theatricum Botanicum Announces 2013 Season and 40th Anniversary



Theatricum Botanicum Announces  2013 Season and 40th Anniversary

The fairies from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” will return to the Theatricum Botanicum on June 2 for an extended run. This season, the Theatricum will celebrate 40 years of offering unique and brilliant theater under the oaks in Topanga Canyon.

Even in the middle of the winter there is much going on at the Theatricum Botanicum. Selecting a season, continuing its educational programs, wrangling the calendar for the year ahead and preparing “To celebrate its 40th Anniversary and prepare for the next forty,” says Artistic Director Ellen Geer.

Adding to the summer roster of plays, will be Merlin, written by Geer, that debuts on July 20, with the musical score composed by Marshall and Kellen McDaniel.

Geer’s critically acclaimed adaptations in recent seasons of Bram Stoker's Dracula and Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers delighted theater audiences and spoke to the strength of the company. Merlin promises both the epic feeling and grand scope of those earlier adaptations, along with a few surprises.

Geer recently hosted a small gathering at a private residence in Topanga that marked the first reading of this lively retelling of the legend of Merlin—great druid wizard, counselor to King Arthur, and a force of truth who carried ancient knowledge into a new era.

“We've been extremely fortunate this winter, as in winters past, to be the beneficiary of seasonal giving by so many of our friends, old and new,” said Geer, adding, “As a non-profit, fundraising is always a chief concern, encouraging and directly feeding our many programs benefiting the community. To all our friends who support us, a hearty ‘Bravo!’”

As its way of saying thanks, Theatricum is offering subscriptions for the 2013 season at last year's prices when you order before Shakespeare's birthday on April 23! In the meantime, just pencil (or pen!) these special events into your calendar.


The Taming of the Shrew
opens June 1)—Shakespeare's great comic mating dance between Petruchio and Kate is a lively game of wits, as well as a commentary on sexual politics, with a climax that remains famously open to interpretation.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (opens June 2)—We hardly need to introduce this famed and beloved production, but put simply: lovers quarrel, fairies conjure, amateur actors miss their marks but find our hearts.

As performed in our majestic outdoor amphitheatre under California Oaks, this is a Midsummer like no other.

This signature production is now presented in an expanded run of 20 performances. Bring a friend for their first time; it won't be their last.

The Royal Family by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber (opens June 22)—This uproarious comedy about a family dynasty of actors will be performed by Los Angeles' own theatrical “royals”—the Geer family! As a new medium, the movies, rises in popularity, will the grand theatrical tradition lose its luster? Unforgettable characters and hilarious situations are the hallmarks of this tremendous satire, set at the beginning of the golden era of film.

Merlin (opens July 20)—A brilliant and pertinent bringing forward of the ancient Merlin legend, written for a modern audience by Ellen Geer and played against an electronic music score composed by Marshall an Kellen McDaniel. What ancient knowledge and ways were lost at the birth of what we know as Western civilization? What you learn may surprise you.


Theatricum Botanicum Announces  2013 Season and 40th Anniversary

Fortieth Aniversary Fund Drive Open House
(May 4)—Help move Theatricum forward for the next 40 years.

"In Concert: John Reilly & Friends" (May 19—Theatricum is again honored to host John Reilly and his wonderful band, as they bring their music to our stage for a special sunset fundraising concert. Last season, the March weather didn't agree and the concert was moved indoors at the Mountain Mermaid in Topanga.

"Inara George & Special Guests" (Oct. 5)—Returning to Theatricum's stage after a year-long hiatus will be the multi-talented vocalist and songwriter Inara George (Bird and the Bee, Living Sisters). Inara and a generous supply of very special guests will hold their now much-beloved tribute to illustrious songwriters, famous and otherwise. Previous years have seen tributes to artists as diverse as Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Burt Bacharach and Dolly Parton.

For information: box office: (310) 455-3723; main office: (310) 455-2322; boxoffice@theatricum.com; www.theatricum.com.