July 18, 2018

The Nature of Wildworks Receives Environmental Award



The Nature of Wildworks Receives Environmental Award

From left to right: Jimy Tallal (Shadow Oak Wildlife Care), Gerard Detamore (Chaparral Elementray School Teacher), Clark Stevens (Resource Conservation District of Santa Monica Mountains) and Mollie Hogan (Nature of Wildworks) with Wildworks “ambassador” Fidel Kestrel on her arm.

CALABASAS, CA—On Feb. 5, The Nature of Wildworks was honored with the Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award for “providing lifetime care for non-releasable wildlife and educating children and adults through the presentation of outreach programs throughout the Santa Monica Mountains.”

The Award is given by the City of Calabasas Environmental Commission and in granting the award to select individuals or organizations, considers the following criteria:

•Measurable improvements to environmental quality

•Ongoing or long-term environmental benefits

• Creativity and innovation in technology or approach

•Model achievements

•Demonstrating a solid commitment to protecting the environment

•Involving employees, governmental officials and/or community members in an environmental project

•Showing a commitment to the public's best interests

•Reaching out in an effective manner to stakeholders

•Taking definitive steps to prevent pollution

•Minimizing costs or demonstrating a payback on investments

Other recipients were: Shadow Oak Wildlife Care for protecting wildlife through rescuing, rehabilitating orphaned and injured baby animals and reintroducing them back to their natural habitat; Gerard Detamore, teacher at Chaparral Elementary School for his efforts to promote the education of resource conservation and recycling at Chaparral Elementary School; and Resource Conservation District of Santa Monica Mountains (RCDSMM) for providing resource conservation and watershed education, performing restoration projects and research on biological resources.