April 24, 2018

From the Editor: Subscription Renewal Notification



From the Editor: Subscription Renewal Notification

The times, they are a changin’. Or so the saying goes. In our previous edition, the Topanga Messenger announced our new online subscription system (see “TopangaMessenger.com — Phase Two,” Messenger, Vol 37 No 03 [Feb 7, 2013]).

Something we didn’t mention is that this new-fangled system changes how we will notify our subscribers when a subscription needs to be renewed. In the past, we’ve sent postcards and then posted messages directly on the address label—sometimes circled or otherwise highlighted. Our previous system allowed us to continue to send the paper even when the subscription was well past due. Our new system isn’t very tolerant (darn computers!). So, please pay attention when you receive our postcard. It states “THIS IS THE ONLY NOTICE YOU WILL RECEIVE.” We know you don’t want to miss even a single issue so help us keep you in the know.

As always, thank you for your continued support. If you ever need to reach us regarding your subscription, please send an e-mail to: subscriptions@topangamessenger.com.