May 26, 2018

A Radical Friendship Featuring Ed Asner, Jan. 20 in Bel-Air


Jane Marla Robbins presents a staged reading of her new two-character play, A Radical Friendship, about the passionate, unique, and spiritual friendship between Martin Luther King and Rabbi Abraham Heschel, at The American Jewish University on January 20 at 4 p.m.

When King died, Heschel was asked to speak at his funeral; when Heschel died, King’s widow spoke at his. Ed Asner will be reading the role of Rabbi Heschel and Jason George portrays Dr. King.

The play follows the story of their relationship, inspired by and including the history they both made happen, the conferences and marches, the political triumphs as well as the personal tragedies. We see them meet, encourage each other, dare to tell each other when they feel the other is wrong, fight, forgive each other, come together closer than before, fight again, forgive again, and again come closer than before. We see them mourn together and rejoice together. In many ways, this is a love story.

Tickets, $45, are available at (310) 476-9777, online from the university. Discounted tickets, $40.50, are available through Canyon Sages. The American Jewish University is located at 15600 Mulholland Drive, Bel Air, CA 90077.